Our Process

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It all starts with design

The objective of this phase is to clearly define the parameters of your project. Topics discussed include but are not limited to: Scope of work, time frame, budget and client expectations.

After the Project Design Agreement is Signed and the deposit is collected we begin this first phase:

Design Kick-off Meeting

At this meeting you will be introduced to your designer, we will discuss your design priorities in depth, explore your personal aesthetic and do a detailed measure of your space.

Conceptual Design Meeting

At this meeting, your designer will show you 2-3 conceptual designs for your space. We will review cost ranges associated with each design option.

Our goal at this meeting will be to further define the scope of the project and decide on a design direction. Often, the design direction is a hybrid of the design options shown.

Depending on the size of your project this step sometimes requires more than one meeting.

Design Development

The objective of this phase is to further refine the design. Topics discussed include but are not limited to: Cabinetry Design, Material Selections, Design Details.

Once our Conceptual Design is aligned with our budget we move into Phase 2, Design Development:

Design Development Meeting(s)

At this series of meetings, your designer will focus on the details of the design. We will walk you through cabinetry design, materials selections, plumbing fixture selections, lighting and electrical layouts and all custom details.

Your designer will present you with material palettes for each area to consider and keep you informed of how they fit within the budget.

Depending on the size of your project, the number of Design Development Meetings required will vary.

As you work through the details with your designer, they will be simultaneously developing the final drawing set used for permits and construction.


The objective of this phase is to prepare for construction. We will finalize design and selections, present and review the construction contract and final scope, and introduce you to your production team that will be executing your project.

Once all selections and designs have been finalized we move into the Pre-Construction Phase:

Construction Contract Meeting

At this meeting we will present and review the contract, plans and final scope of work. If all looks good, the construction contract is signed and construction deposit is paid.

Apply for Permits.

Pre-Construction Meeting

This is your opportunity to meet your Project Manager. Your Project Manager will review daily procedures followed during construction and address any of your concerns. They will also review the project schedule and any key dates and project logistics.


The objective of this phase is to build your project! We will maintain open lines of communication throughout the project with meetings for certain milestones. Design is also involved at key points throughout construction.

Once permits have been approved and all pre-construction tasks complete we begin the Construction Phase:

Communication with Production Team

Your Project Manager will communicate with you regularly on progress, schedule, change orders and any unforeseen issues.

Your Project Manager will schedule milestone meetings at key progress points throughout the project to ensure the project is progressing as intended.

Additional meetings will be scheduled as required.

You will have access to our cloud based project management software, Buildertrend. This is the platform that we communicate the schedule, daily logs, pictures, etc.

Design Involvement

Your designer will be assisting at key points along the way. Including: Paint Selections, Tile Review Meeting and Cabinetry Install Meeting.

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